Amber-Aire Airedales, Carol Stull,, 570-836-2203

Directions to Amber-Aire

Directions to Amber-Aire from N.Y. via Rt 81 South

Take 81 South to N.Y. exit #1 Kirkwood (From this point it will take you approximately 50-55 minutes.)

At end of ramp turn right.

Continue to traffic light, make a left.

Follow to blinking light make a right onto Rt # 7. (Rt # 7 changes to Rt # 29 when you enter Pennsylvania.)

Continue on Rt. 29 into the town of Tunkhannock.

Follow Rt 29 to the traffic light at Wal Mart.

Go straight for exactly 1/2 mile and then turn left onto Kellersburg Rd.

Continue for 6 3/4 miles.

Turn left onto " Old Trail Rd ". (dirt road)

Go 4/10 mile and make a left into my drive way. There is a "Amber-Aire Dog Grooming" sign on the left just below my driveway. There are blue barrels on their sides along the drive and No Trespassing signs. You cannot see the house from the road.