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Family Dogs

Family Dogs

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The Stull's of Amberaire
Four Generations - Carol with Zima, Lola, Bindi, and her puppies
Airedales Clancy, Magic and Bindi romping with their Smooth Fox Terrier buddy Briar in the first snow of the year 12/8/2011
Potion and Houdini in love!
Gabby Nelson
Chisholm Family Dogs
Katie Chisholm (almost 7) depicting two Airedales she'd grown up with. She was anxiously awaiting a new August 2014 puppy from Amberaire. She ended up getting two!
Iris (right) and Bear (left)
Katie and Bear
Rix and Bear
'Bear and Iris Chisholm waiting for the kids to come from school!"
Winkie-the-Pooh Irwin


Margo Irwin tells us "Winkie is playful and fearless - will climb up ramps, jump from stone walls (don't worry, not too high ones), and investigate any and everything. On top of that, she's adorable. Our vet is, in his own words, "0bsessed with the breed", and has owned many female Airedales."
August 19, 2014
Playing Hide 'n Seek
Bella Dowell
Jim Dowell tells us "We got Bella from you last year – she’s doing great, and training is coming along. She's grown to about an average size, and proportioned well - I wouldn't call her small or stocky. She's now 23 inches at the shoulder and weighs about 55 pounds. Great smile too, as you can see in the pic."
"Bella with our other dog George"
Murphy Pinkerton
Lew Pinkerton tell us "Murphy is doing very well, and his laid back behaviors are even more attractive to the family. His personality is the best, and he loves the beach."
Notified that he's now an Internet star, Murphy demonstrates his enthusiasm for the honor.
Bentley Townley
Anne Townley tells us "here are pictures of our 25 and a half inch 68 pound ("small") Bentley."
Bentley's doing great.
He has a best friend in the lab across the street. Loves to play with him when he goes for a walk.
Bentley Townley, Happy 3rd Birthday!
Tula Fudge
Daniel Fudge tells us "Just nine weeks old and posing in her nook of the bedroom."
Exciting day! Tula sitting pretty at the Colonie Crossings Park in NY for her aunt and uncle’s prom pictures.
Tula’s first bath… not so sure about this mom!
Tula the Vampire!
Cuddling up with dad.
Just chilling.
Tula in the new VW GTI! claims the backseat as hers.
Puppy (or more like *human*) Training at Crawmer’s in West Sand Lake NY. Tula and dad are way in the back on the left. Tula tolerates obedience class but LOVES agility way more! She has mastered walls, walks, stairs, and tunnels. Still working on weaving, see-saw, and *listening*. Has made good friends, especially with Gideon, the German Short-haired Pointer.
Taller and prouder!! Mom still makes me sit on this stupid ottoman.
Looking shaggy after a dip in the lake followed by a much needed bath. Tula stayed wrapped in this damp towel for more than an hour, trying to escape the heat!
Tula and her summer crush, Trig the Boxer. He’s a good sport, and definitely understanding of *puppy antics*!
Tula sitting out on the porch of The Iron Gate Cafe in Albany NY, waiting for her mozzarella treat for being such a good girl.
Check out the new set of teeth! Getting bigger!
Snoozing in her GTI *den*
Hitching a ride with mom! 6/30/2013
Gracie Webster
Dwight and Sue Webster tell us "Gracie is beautiful and smart and loved everywhere we go. I'm always told what a great personality she has. We couldn't be happier with her."
Riding Shotgun in the mobile home.
On the road with my ball.
Jasper Bensink
With Jasper a year old, Joseph Bensink tells us "He's still rambunctious, but I make sure he gets plenty of activity. I take him to the woods everyday where he can run for one to two hours, and then I take him for a long walk every night."
Snow Runner!
"Jasper loves to play with other dogs, but he's very passive, not the least bit aggressive. I've taken him to be groomed twice. The stylist says he's very well behaved."
Barbara and Richard tell us "Scarlet underwent an operation to repair a ruptured ACL in her knee on December 4th. At 9 years old has come through like the champ she is. The surgeon said she is strong and well muscled and way ahead of schedule in her recovery. She's undergoing physical therapy (and water therapy) to get her back to where she was before she ruptured her knee. She's looking a little bedraggled but wanted to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year none the less."
Cash and Lynda Feenaughty
Inca Sanchez
Dakota Benz
Linus & Lucy Rickard
Teddy Groff
The Preston Gerchmans
Riley Preston Gerchman
Riley Preston
The Corbetts
Harry & Penny Corbett at Amberaire
Harry Corbett
Penny Corbett
Bess Zumbach Chillin'
Boynton Ziba
Clancy Breslin tearing up the snow
Emma Johnson & Friend
Zoey Harr
Maggie O'Connor
MaryJane May
Clara Aventuro with her booties on with her owner Ruth
'Frodo Baggins Woodall' enjoying the scenery.
'Lucy Freige' enjoying her new home and family.