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The Other Side Of Amberaire

The Other Side Of Amberaire

There's more to the Amberaire family than just Airedales.

Here are some images from life on the farm.

Enjoying a tropical vacation in Dec. 2015
Reason jumping for joy (because that's what goats do), Briar running for fun (because that's what Fox Terriers do)!
My other two horses; London a 26-year-old gray quarter horse, Villa my 14-year-old Hanvarian

London passed on May 13, 2013 at age 28, after 25 years as my companion.
Back in the day, when I was competing with my first horse Cornsilk, I thought nothing of jumping fences 3' 6" to 4' 3". Today, the ground is a lot harder.
Villa and I on a trail ride on a lovely fall day.
My barn; home to my horses, chickens, and pygmy goat. It also contains my grooming shop.
Morning and night and (most days) in between I keep up with the horse chores to keep things neat and tidy.
Rime, age 22 months shortly after I bought him.
I started training him with ground work. Here I have him on a lunge line.
Rime is a spirited fellow! He reared when I started long-lining him. The second time I rode him, he did this and I ended up on my butt.
My tack room. I ride as often as I can, but sadly not every day.
Villa is lovely mover and I enjoy doing ring work and jumping with her.
I love my chickens. I keep them to control the bugs in the barn and for fresh eggs.
Lately I haven't had much luck hatching out peeps, but Fluffy mothered this little chick which I named 'Dottie' after my mother.
Except 'Dot' turned out to be a boy... After being low-man on the totem pole to the other roosters, today he runs the show.
Tractor Girl - I can do it all. Today I have a newer four-wheel drive tractor which can plow my hill. I loved this old British Leyland tractor, but it was only two-wheel drive and didn't cut the mustard on icy days.
My great-niece Hannah Mills, is my 'mini-me'.
My bedfellows (actually bedfellowettes.) Front to back, Emmie, Zima, and Lola.

On her twelfth birthday, Emmie passed on peacefully in her sleep.
Although I've never bred them, I've owned and shown Fox Terriers almost as long as I've had Airedales. This win was very exciting because it was Derby's very first show.
This baby fox is cute. But I had to trap him and the rest of his family because they were killing my chickens.

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