36 Hours Old: For the first few days I monitor the pups and their Mom to make sure everyone is healthy, nursing, and growing.

36 Hours Old: At this age they are very helpless.

3 Days Old: Cute but helpless. Typically, your puppy’s eyes and ears are closed for the first fourteen days. They rely on scent alone to find their mother and nurse.

5 Days Old: At this young age, puppies need to nurse frequently; usually once every one or two hours. By this time they have already had their tails docked and their dew claws removed.

7 Days Old: Even this young, puppies need to have their nails clipped regularly to prevent them from scratching their mother while nursing.

10 Days Old: As with any baby, mostly they just nap, nurse and poop. The mother keeps them clean.

25 Days Old: At three and a half weeks the puppies are becoming very active. They’re more stable on their feet, they can go longer between nursings, and they are starting to cut their teeth.

26 Days Old: As they grow, their color changes. At this age you can begin to see the tan showing through on their heads and rears.

26 Days Old: Magic, a singleton puppy, was very promiscuous for her age.

30 Days Old: Usually at about four and a half weeks I start taking the puppies out of doors to explore the big wide world.

30 Days Old: Pretty Penny picture posing. (Say that four times real fast.)

30 Days Old: To make sure your puppy is well socialized he or she is handled daily by my friends and I.

Boyce, puppy on a mission.

41 Days Old: Let me out of here! Is that a squirrel???

42 Days Old: Magic – This show dog stuff is tough. I need a nap!

42 Days Old: Magic – Phew! what a long day zzzzzz

Jax at home.

Bentley Ramsey at home.

Jax cooling off.

Jack on his second day home.